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Daily Light: May 2013

Friday, May 31, 2013
Inseparable From The Light
Not only are you a part of the Light, you are the Light. The Light emanates from you. You are the center of the Light, of the Love, that goes forth from you and blesses the world. God is the Light and you are One with Him, inseparable from Him and the Light.
Thursday, May 30, 2013
In The Consciousness It Was Created

Albert Einstein said that you can't solve a problem in the consciousness in which it was created. What this means is that we will never solve the "problems" of the world with "answers" of the world. We must see from a higher perspective, one of vision instead of eyes of separation. The world's "problems" are seen through eyes of separation. A vision of Oneness doesn't see "problems".

Wednesday, May 29, 2013
You Are Eternal!
The Bible talks about people who lived to 900 or 1000 years old. Our society thinks that 100 years is old now. You have the body of Christ. You are eternal! God expresses through you. Do you no think that you can live as long as you choose? Your physical body is created by your spirit, just as Jesus created a new body when he resurrected. The reason our physical bodies decay is that we BELIEVE in limitations and that decay, sickness, and death are possible. What you believe in creates your experience. Remember, there are no limitations. You are One with God who is eternal and endless. When you speak of God, you don't speak of limitations, so don't do it when you speak of yourself and others. Don't think or speak about yourself in reference to a limitation as this reinforces something which is false. Temporarily, you may be sick or handicapped, but this is something you are just experiencing, not who you are. This applies to every limitation you think about yourself, such as thinking you are not smart, not confident, not capable, not lovable, not pretty. You do this to keep yourself in a prison cell of your own making. Are you afraid of your own divinity?
Tuesday, May 28, 2013
God is ALL
Do you realize that when you give a simple smile to someone you are doing the most spiritual or Godly thing you can? Many people see spirituality or Godliness as separate, like books, teachers or ministers, retreats, and meditation, but it is not. These are only forms. God is ALL. He expresses through ALL.
Monday, May 27, 2013
Being With Him
There are no requirements to be with Him. There are no rules or regulations, no rites or customs that we have to do to open the door to Him. If there is a custom that draws you closer to Him, continue to use it as long as it does this, but if it no longer serves that purpose, bless it for what it has given you and release it. In all things follow the spirit of the law, not the letter.
Sunday, May 26, 2013
Conflict Free
Are you tired of conflict? Do you think that all the problems are created by the other person? Conflict is always a two way street, because if one person does not engage in the conflict, there is none. If you are not willing to be the one who disengages from the conflict, your ego righteousness is more important than your peace and joy.
Thursday, May 23, 2013
Your Light
When you "work" on yourself, you are doing the most important work in the world. As you clear negative patterns in yourself, you allow more of your Light to shine through, and this Light attracts others, for they yearn for remembrance. Your Light helps them to remember the Light within themselves.
Wednesday, May 22, 2013
God's Expression
Everything has a consciousness of God running through it --- a lake, a tree, a rock, a bird, the sun, a group of individuals, a nation. God's joy is that each expression is unique. He comes to know Himself in an infinite number of ways. Don't be limited by the belief that He expresses only through something "alive" or the belief that His expression through humans is the best. Each expression reflects perfection, for perfection is not the form, but it is just the holiness of the act of expression.
Tuesday, May 21, 2013
How Do Your Beliefs Run?
It is true that God is a God of Love and abundance and will bless you richly, but this can only happen IF you believe this to be true. If you have beliefs that run counter to this, such as "I am not worthy" or "I am a sinful person who deserves God's punishment," these beliefs have to be cleared before God can truly reveal Himself to you and you will allow Him to bless you. Many people hold these false beliefs about God and themselves, but they do not realize this, as these beliefs run under the surface like a bad computer virus. If your life does not reflect the richness that God has for you, then ask to be shown these limiting and negative beliefs and be willing to release them.
Monday, May 20, 2013
Sharing eliminates fear, especially when we share with our children. Each of us has our own unique fears, our own unique secrets, and because they are specific to that person, they are not universal. Thus they are not real. We literally believe that these secrets and fears will kill us, but through sharing, these secrets and fears are demystified. The power is taken away from them.

Because children have only recently left God and the Oneness and entered into this world of illusion, they can avoid forming a lot of personal fears if their parents are open with them. Parents don't have to be free of fear and personal secrets, but what they have to do is share those fears and secrets, acknowledging with their children that these fears are not real. The parents need to share with the child that these issues are their individual "stuff", something they struggle with but are working on. This requires brutal self honesty by the parent, because they must uncover those things they have hidden from themselves. This openness with a child provides an amazing base of reality from which the child can enter into the world and not get caught up in the personal dramas of people they interact with, nor get caught up in the collective fear of the world. Remember, only that which is Real can be shared. That which is Real is Love and Unity, and that is you, for God created you by sharing Himself.
Sunday, May 19, 2013
What Does God See?
Most people are too serious, because they believe this world and everything that happens in it is real, instead of the dream it is. They believe that they must make restitution, by their deeds in this world, to God for their sins. But because it is a dream, God does not see the "sins" that you see. Love looks past. He looks past error to His holy child. This is what is meant by unconditional Love --- Love that has no conditions.
Saturday, May 18, 2013
The Voice of God
Speak with the Voice of God or don't speak at all. The Voice of God does not judge, does not condemn. It comes from Love, not fear, it is compassionate, it is fully engaged and present. If you don't know yet when God is speaking through you, ask in each conversation, each moment, to be shown the difference. If you are not sure, it is better to say nothing. As you begin to discern the difference, you will deepen your relationship with Him and feel His Presence in and through you at all times.
Friday, May 17, 2013
What Is
Acceptance of what "is" is acceptance of God and yourself. This is acceptance of all that you experience, all of your emotions, throughts, actions --- don't run from any of it, because when you do, you run from your Self and Him.
Thursday, May 16, 2013
Truth Doesn't Change
We cannot love one another with the Love of God unless we first respect each other. This is especially true about each other's spiritual or religious views. Often we look at another's views with the totally wrong perspective. Think of all these concepts and views as ice cream flavors. They vary, but they are all still ice cream. You like vanilla. Would you get mad at someone who likes chocolate? Would you try to convince them that they have to like vanilla for their salvation? Remember, the One contains All. Also remember that Truth is self evident--- it is not up for opinion and it is not changeable. Perceptions about Truth change, not Truth itself.
Wednesday, May 15, 2013
Standing in Truth
Sometimes following God's Will means standing in your truth, which may create animosity with someone (this doesn't mean you are rude to them although they may be to you). Is it more important to be liked or to stand in Truth, in Him? Do you value the temporal or the eternal.
Tuesday, May 14, 2013
From False to True
We have to release that which is false before what is true reveals itself. What is true is God within you. When you release false beliefs, He is revealed.
Monday, May 13, 2013
The Will of God
The Will of God does not change. It is Love. It is through His Will that you were created out of Love. His Will is All, thus your Will cannot be different from Him. Because we live in a world of duality, the appearance of choices is available to us. That is where intention comes in. We can set our intention to align with the ego or with God. We have never "left" the Will of God, but it is our choice of intention, our choice for God, which reveals that we have never left.
Sunday, May 12, 2013
All Decisions
You ask God what you should do for all of your major decisions. Why would you not do the same for your minor ones? Do you not want to bother Him? Do you think you can handle the small ones by yourself? At what point do they become large enough where you ask Him? If you keep some decisions for yourself, even minor ones, you are saying that you know what is best for you in every experience, every moment. And you don't.
Friday, May 10, 2013
False Anger
Notice the next time you get angry. Do you become angry because it arises naturally or because you have a thought about a situation or person that makes you angry? The latter is not real. Thoughts cannot lead to true emotions. If a thought leads to anger, you might call this ego anger, because it is your ego and its strategies, its looking for grievances, that create this "anger" in you. You then BELIEVE you are angry, but you are really not. Watch this dynamic happening inside of you. Witness how and when your emotions are preceded and created by a thought.
Thursday, May 9, 2013
What does it mean to transmute something, why do we want to do it, and how do we do it? Transmutation means to change it at its most basic elemental level. We change it by recognizing that everything is truly of God, for He is One, He is All. So all "poisons" can be transmuted when viewed with the proper perspective. There are thoughts/beliefs that each of us push away, because we judge ourselves and/or feel guilt and shame over having these thoughts. What if we accepted them instead? When we push them away or judge them, we are saying they are not of God, and this creates a belief in separation which does not exist. If we accept them and stay present with them, they transmute from something which appears and feels yucky or bad to you. Most people have unhealthy coping mechanisms they use to take them out of feeling bad and out of self judgment. So when these times happen, they medicate with food, drugs/alcohol, sugar, internet, exercise, certain sexual behaviors, etc. Instead of running from it, pull God into it, and sit with it. Stay present with the unpleasantness and Him at the same time. When you do this, there will be rapid growth in your discovery of Self and your relationship with Him.
Wednesday, May 8, 2013
Are You Guilty?
The world you see is a by product of our projection, individually and collectively, of guilt and self judgment. Do you see that as along as you think an individual, a group, or a nation is "right" or "wrong", you are still living in this false world, not His Kingdom? You, as part of the one Sonship/Daughtership/Childship of God, are not guilty, but if you continue to see the world from this perspe...ctive, you believe that you are guilty. When you drop this, you rise above the current perspective you have to see the Unity that exists.

In Unity there are no differences, no distinctions, no absolutes of "right" and "wrong," and judgment is impossible. "Right" and "wrong" becomes individualized to you in each moment, each decision, as hopefully you make decisions which affirm your divinity and Oneness. So a murderer or rapist is not making a choice which affirms their divinity, but their action does not make them any less divine than you, or me, or Jesus. They are just far away in their recognition of their divinity or they would not be making the choices they do. When we recognize our divinity, we recognize our Oneness, and we make choices which affirm that and do no harm to anyone, because everyone is a part of you.
Tuesday, May 7, 2013
The Call
Of yourself, you are nothing. These are not meant to be words that sound nice to you and you just move along in life. You are not this body that has this individualized collection of thoughts. It APPEARS that way to you, but you must come to recognize who you are and your relationship with Him. He gives you Life. He is ALL that is. Without Him, you are and have nothing.

Each of us is being called right now. If you choose not to heed the call, you will experience "adverse" circumstances. God is not punishing us --- He is trying to wake us up so that we can recognize our divinity, recognize that this false self or persona we have created is not real. Only He and your Oneness with Him is Real.
Monday, May 6, 2013
It Starts With You
Can you have great compassion on yourself? If not, why not? Start with compassion on yourself. This will lead you into the compassion on others that you want. You must first become the Light in order to share the Light.
Sunday, May 5, 2013
Joy And Creation
Joy = Creation. God, who is Love, created us with immense joy. When you create anything from a space of love, you feel great joy in that.
Saturday, May 4, 2013
Saying Goodbye
When we have a hard time saying goodbye to someone--- whether that be for a short or extended period, a lifetime for someone whom we will not see again, or for someone who has died --- we are feeling the great sadness we have over our belief that we are separate from God. Every time we we feel this sadness, we are recreating this moment when we believed that we were no longer One with Him. When we realize that this is a false belief, not only is His Presence always there, but we live in a sea of Unity. And we know that we can never be separate from any part of Him. We are eternal and One, and separation and death are only appearances in this false world. We are not physical bodies that appear to be separate and appear to be "born" and go back to dust. Through the power of your thought and the knowing and joy that comes from your recognition of your Self as part of the Kingdom, you can connect with anyone who is "apart" from you, either by "distance" or "death."
Friday, May 3, 2013
Sin Is Not Permanent
Atonement is not the correction of an immutable sin. It is the correction and healing of a misperceiving mind that believes in separation and sees sin as something more permanent than a correctable error. At-one-ment is wholeness. An at One Mind is the Mind of God, from which all thought originates, and of which we are all a part.
Thursday, May 2, 2013
The Highest Good For All Involved
As a follow up to my post from yesterday. seeing the God within someone who has hurt you or who has destructive behaviors does not mean that you allow that to continue. You must establish boundaries, which could mean that this person is no longer in your life. Can you forgive, seeing the God within, acknowledging your feelings or hurt, while doing what is best for you? You make the decision as to what is best for you with God --- not from anger, but from forgiveness. We must never withhold forgiveness from anyone or any situation, especially from ourselves. There is only one Will of God, and what is best for you, what is the highest good, is also what is best for that person. Your highest good is what is their highest good, whether they recognize it or not (often not). When you need to separate yourself from someone because their behaviors are not God affirming for you and you confirm this with God, then do it with great compassion for yourself and them. When you do this, you have created a miracle and you have put a lot of Light into this false world, which it so badly needs. Always allow Him to guide you in everything you do, because He knows what is the highest good for all involved.
Wednesday, May 1, 2013
Quantum Leap
It is important to place your relationships above everything else. This includes your relationship with God as well as your relationship with others. In fact, you come to know Him through your relationships with others as you learn to see Him reflected in others.

In order to see Him in others, we must stay present in the moment and see past appearances --- someone's words and actions --- even if ...they have done or said something for which you have a hard time forgiving them. When they have done this, it is actually manna to you, because this provides the "opportunity" to put your Will and desire to know Him into place. How badly are you willing to come to Him, to know His peace, Love, and joy? Are you willing to know that appearances are not real and to look past the words or actions of another? The "harder" the experience and the hurt/betrayal, the greater the conrtrast to what is Real and the greater your ability to take a quantum leap toward Him through your forgiveness of that person.