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Daily Light: August 2013

Saturday, August 31, 2013
Being Aware and Awake
When you bring awareness to an issue, you are bringing God's Light to it. This transforms it, transmutes it, takes the power away from it, and heals it. Awareness is simply an observation and a recognition of why you react the way you do --- in all situations or in specific situations. Being fully aware and fully awake are the same thing. When you fully understand what is the trigger which makes you react a certain way, then you no longer have need of that reaction.
Friday, August 30, 2013
Expressing Emotions
There are many men, and some women, who are afraid of or resistant to crying. They do not want to be seen a vulnerable, as society says they should be strong, especially the men. Strength comes from knowing who you are, and you cannot know this when you do not express your full range of emotions. In the Kingdom there is only joy, but as we make our way to full recognition of the Kingdom, we exist in this dream world where it is important to grieve when a person or an animal you love dies. It is also important to grieve when you leave something where you have invested a lot of yourself, such as a relationship or a job. When we grieve, we are not vulnerable, we are powerful. A man or a woman who does not let society dictate how they should feel and what they should express is authentic. Authenticity means we are completely open, and when we are open, God can express through us. When we allow ourselves to grieve, we are alive. If we stuff our grief or sadness, it doesn't go away. It is still in there, affecting every thing you do and clogging your vessel so you can't see the joy of the Kingdom.
Thursday, August 29, 2013
Looking To The Body
If you look to the body for pleasure, it will also give you pain. Believing you are a body invites illness, decay, and eventually death, because the ego assigns sins to the body.
Wednesday, August 28, 2013
A Hummingbird And Joy

When you watch a hummingbird, you are watching pure joy. You know that this is what it is meant to be and do. It is said that if you try to cage a hummingbird, it will die. Our joy comes from loving. This is what we are and what we are meant to do. When we don't do this, we do not experience His joy, and we literally kill ourselves spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically. It may take a lot longer than it does with a hummingbird, but we are putting ourselves in a cage and closing the door.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013
You cannot see someone as sinful without first seeing yourself as sinful. You cannot see someone as sinless without first seeing yourself as sinless. If you see yourself as sinless, He will be there.
Monday, August 26, 2013
What you consider to be your tiniest thought has an impact far beyond anything you can imagine. You affect the world with every thought you have. That is why you must be aware of your thoughts. Every thought you have is either Love based or fear based. There is no in between. Because we live in this "dense" material world or dream where manifestation is not instant, we do not make the recognition that our thoughts create our reality, but they instantly have an impact like a stone that creates a ripple in a pond. The more you become aware that you are a cocreator and you think with the Mind of God, the quicker you will be able to manifest, even reaching the point where you manifect instantly as Jesus did. Knowledge of your divinity plus asking in His name plus a recognition that you are part of the whole (which means you would never harm another part of the whole) leads to the "miracles" that Jesus performed. Witnessing your thoughts and redirecting them from fear and hate to Love and compassion is critical.
Sunday, August 25, 2013
God, who is Love, created us out of Love so that He could experience Himself, Herself as Love. We are the object of His Love. The noun Love becomes the verb Love.
Saturday, August 24, 2013
If you want to be known by the world for something --- a great lawyer, a spiritual authority, a great chef, even the negative --- a victim --- if you want to have that label, you are not free. Freedom comes from knowing our Oneness with God, knowing that we play roles in this false world ONLY so that we can remember that Oneness.
Friday, August 23, 2013
Let's start a new acronym (someone can do bumper stickers and T shirts and pay me royalties) called I.Y.O.M. --- In Your Own Mind. You are a failure in your own mind. You are not a lovable person or capable of loving in your own mind. You are sinful in your own mind. You are separate from God and He is angry with you in your own mind. ONLY I.Y.OM.
Thursday, August 22, 2013
Nothing To Do

God's Love is unconditional. "Without conditions" means that you don't have to do anything to earn His Love. And there is nothing you can do to lose His Love.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013
An Opening

When you are angry with someone close to you, if you allow yourself to even momentarily slip into the joy and gratitude for knowing them, this will dissipate the anger. You may even forget what you are mad at them for. This shows the healing nature that happens when you return to recognition of your true Self, who lives eternally in joy and gratitude.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013
The Now
Why do so many spiritual writers talk about the Now, the holy moment? Why is this so important? This is your natural state --- this is not something you experience every once in a while (although it FEELS that way to you). This is who you are and where you reside, where you have always been, eternally. There is nothing you need to do "to get there" because you are already there! All you have to do... is to release that which is false and which prevents you from recognizing your true state --- fear, guilt, and self judgment. As you go about your day, witness how you are always living in the past or the future. You will be astonished. Witness your thoughts and then bring them to the Now, where you have no problems, where only perfection is, where you are fully present with God.
Monday, August 19, 2013
When You As You
As you smile, God smiles. When you judge, He misses you. As you laugh, He laughs. When you live in fear, He waits for you. As you live joyfully, He lives joyfully. When you turn your face from the Christ in you, He longs for you. When you love, He knows Himself as Love.
Sunday, August 18, 2013
In All Things ...
You are not going to change the world by seeing it as real and trying to fix it. Because when you see it as real, you cannot help but come from fear in your actions. And as the world and its systems crumble, as the poverty, famine, wars, blame, greed, and control become worse, it is certain that your fear will also increase.

You can only change the world by seeing it through new eyes. And you can do this by seeing yourself through new eyes. Work on yourself. Work to clear and release the blocks and false beliefs which prevent you from fully knowing your divinity and Unity with all that is. When you see the world with new eyes, fear will no longer be your filter, and His Kingdom will be revealed. Then you will know best how to help the world through your words or actions. Remember though that a smile or kind word to someone in need may be as or more powerful than a large donation to charity. God is revealed in the simplest of gestures from the heart. In all things be led by Him in each moment and be without judgment as to the words or actions He directs you in.
Saturday, August 17, 2013
A Guiltless World
The thread that runs through this false world is guilt, whether that be in our one on one personal relationships, group or nation dynamics, our structures and organizations we have set up such as courts, police, etc. Think about how often you blame or judge (this is seeing guilt) someone or something, even if you consider it "minor," even if it is only a thought in your head. What would a guiltless world look like? It would --- would is not the right word as it is not hypothetical --- it is one of unending beauty, gentleness, compassion, respect, gratitude, and Love. This is what exists behind the false appearance we call the world. When Jesus talked about Heaven on earth and Heaven within you (one and the same), a guiltless world is what he was referring to.
Friday, August 16, 2013
Good News Bad News
The good news is that whatever happens to you is what you have chosen. The bad news is that whatever happens to you is what you have chosen. You don't have anyone to look to or to blame. The power lies within you! Do you choose love or fear? Do you choose Unity or separation? Do you choose God or the world?
Thursday, August 15, 2013
It's Clear
Love is like the clearest pool of water you can imagine. This pool is fed by a spring that has an unlimited supply. The pool supplies water that is healing to all life that drinks from it. Love is never a stagnant pool; it is always receiving and giving. When you clean yourself out to act as a vessel of Love, Love is constantly moving through you. You receive and you give, you receive and you give, always circulating like a fountain.
Tuesday, August 13, 2013
You cannot live partially in dreams and partially in Truth. It is one or the other. Either you wake up completely from the dream, or you are still in it. We are in a dream of fear and belief in separation from God. When you awaken from this nightmare, you see that all of your fears were based on nothing, that He has been with you always, and that joy, peace, and Love are His gifts available to you eternally.
Monday, August 12, 2013
Faith In These Times
Faith shows you what is behind appearances. As the appearance of the world and its false systems crumble into chaos, as the complete non functionality and insanity of an ego created and driven world is revealed, it takes an increasing amount of faith to stay out of fear. And this is how it is designed at this critical time, for your faith must be strengthened. How easy is it to have faith in Him w...hen everything is going well? Will you have faith in Him when the appearance gets really ugly? For when you do, you will be shown the real world He created, His eternal Kingdom, not in some distant place called Heaven, but right here, right now, within you and all that you see. Because the appearance was only that, an appearance.
Sunday, August 11, 2013
We Are In Critical Times
It is rare I write a post like this, but many of you are going through a hard time, feeling increased anger, depression, guilt, despondency, etc. I can talk about about God's Kingdom and the Love He has for you, and this is all very true, but it doesn't mean much when you are undergoing trials.

We are in a time when the wheat is being separated from the chaff. God is calling each of us to come to know who we truly are or we will not make it through the coming times. This means that we have to release false beliefs we have about who we are NOT. These false beliefs prevent you from truly knowing and experiencing that He is with you always, that His Kingdom is available to you as it was for Jesus, etc. Most of the people in this world are in a dream of their own making, attached to the world and the false role they play but that they think is their true identity. God is pushing each of us, not to punish us, but because He loves us. Unfortunately, many are resisting and turning to old and very dysfunctional ways of operating in the world in a desperate attempt to avoid looking at their false beliefs and the pain that is behind them. For when we shed false beliefs, especially ones that were created in childhood, there will likely be anger/grief/pain/fear associated with these. This is what people are trying to avoid by turning back to old habits/addictions or starting new ones. The ego is very creative in what it can devise and it is very convincing to you that what it is doing is right.

Because God has turned up the flow of the River, if we resist, we suffer greatly. The current smashes us into the rocks we are trying to hold on to because of our fear. The more we do this, the more God turns it up, because He is trying to get our attention, and this is what we have asked for at a Spirit level. This is why we are each here at this time. For those of you who know Star Trek and the Borg, resistance is truly futile. This is what your destiny is. If you don't follow it and allow the process to happen, you will not be on this planet. If you do allow it to unfold, you will experience the greatest joy, peace, and Love imaginable.

When these feelings come up, you must not run from them. You must embrace them, feel them fully, and be grateful they are coming up to be felt and released, to be turned into true power. For these emotions that you have tried to push (unsuccessfully) into the dark corners of your psyche have zapped a tremendous amount of energy and power from you. And they come out anyways, like water boiling over the sides of a pot, creating dysfunction and inauthentic relationships. Now you will embrace and transform them. You will fully know Him within you and everyone. Resist the urge to turn to destructive behaviors/thoughts, feel what you need to feel, pull Him into these times of grief/anger and ask that His Grace be upon you, and you will move quickly through these trials. You will be carried effortlessly on the River and know that He has you, that your highest good is being done, and that there is a purpose for what you are going through, a Light at the end of the tunnel.

I wish you all the greatest of blessings and grace on your journey.
Friday, August 9, 2013
Sinful and Sinless
You cannot see someone as sinful wihtout first seeing yourself as sinful. You cannot see someone as sinless without first seeing yourself as sinless. If you see yourself as sinless, He will be there.
Thursday, August 8, 2013
Guilt Free
A guilt free relationship is the only authentic relationship. Unfortunately, most relationships are based on expectations of what the other person should do or not do, leading to unconscious burdens and guilt when they cannot be fulfilled. A guilt filled relationship is meant to help us remember, to be a catalyst for us to work on the distorted and guilt filled relationship we have with God, because  we believe that we have sinned against Him. We are meant to work through the guilt in our "people" relationships (for they are God) so that we can return to the true and authentic relationship we have with God, one where we exist as His beloved, eternally sinless and consumed in Love.
Wednesday, August 7, 2013
Craving Simplicity
Do you know how much you crave simplicity? This world is awash in details and things we have to do. It is an information overload mess --- information comes from every source imaginable, covering every topic, with huge numbers of perceptions and opinions. There is even a tremendous and dizzying array of spiritual writers. How do you sort it all out? You don't. When you stretch a rubber band beyond... what it can take, it snaps back. When you move too far away from your center, when you finally say "I can't take the static of the world anymore," you "snap" back. This has nothing to do with the validity of what is written or talked about in the world --- most is of the world but a lot of the sprititual writings speak of Truth. It has to do with the contrast that exists and that you finally recognize between the static of the world, which is worsening as fear increases, and the stillness that is you. For you crave that stillness --- you crave that simplicity. It doesn't get any more simple than you and God and your Love relationship.
Tuesday, August 6, 2013
Love Overcomes
Love overcomes all. It doesn't overcome by force as it is ALL that exists. Why would Love attack Itself? When illusion is brought to Love, it disappears. The only reason you don't see Love everywhere is that you belive something other than Love can exist. When you give the power of your belief to something, you create an appearance that it exists, and then your eyes see this appearance and this gi...ves "credibility," false credibility to your belief. But this doesn't mean that it actually exists. Love is all that exists. If you have a hard time seeing only Love, seeing past this false world that appears real, and is the case for the vast majority, this is because you are unable to see yourself as Love. So this points back, non judgmentally, to the false beliefs you hold. Know thyself!
Monday, August 5, 2013
What Holds Meaning
As you let go of the world, you will be sad, because you think it is real. When you finally know it is not real, you will no longer be sad, because you are not giving up anything! Nothing of the world will hold any meaning for you. All meaning comes from your relationship with Him.
Sunday, August 4, 2013
We cannot learn our way back to God. For we are One with Him and He is All. Oneness goes beyond learning and perception. Truth is self evident --- it is known, not something to be perceived. Truth is God. Truth is you. You know thyself, not perceive thyself, although the vast majority of people live in a perception of who they think they are, not who they really are. The way back to God in our remembrance (for we have never left Him) is to unlearn. We must recognize what is false, what is of the world and not of Him, and then this reveals Him.
Saturday, August 3, 2013
Why It Comes Back To You
How you treat people is how you will be treated. What you put out there --- love or fear --- is what will come back to you. This is not because there is some universal law or karma. What you put out there is what you BELIEVE you deserve, or you would not put it out there, as the inner becomes the outer. So when you believe you deserve it, you create that and draw that back to you in your experiences and the people you encounter.
Friday, August 2, 2013
Be The Best
You are exactly where you are supposed to be. How can it be otherwise? Wherever you are, be the best you can be. If you are a mom, be the best mom that you can be. If you are a lawyer, be the best lawyer that you can be. If you clean toilets, be the best toilet cleaner you can be. These are only roles you are playing. Play the role as if you are opening on Broadway. And don't compare yourself to anyone else in the same role or any other role. There is no absolute best --- this is like asking whether a piece of artwork is perfect. So by staying in the present moment and being fully immersed in what you are doing at that moment, be the "best" that YOU can be. If you feel that you are not at your best, have compassion on yourself and know that you have the very next moment to change how you play that role.
Thursday, August 1, 2013
In His Grace
In His Grace do we live, eternally.