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Daily Light: December 2013

Tuesday, December 31, 2013
Light Body
What is the difference between our life span today and those in the Bible who lived to be many hundreds of years old? Why were they able to do that? They did not have medical care. One could say that they did not have all the toxicity in the environment, which is true, but look at the toxicity in our thoughts. We have turned our face away from God, away from His health. There is perfection in the body of God, and because we are One with Him, we share that perfection. Our physical bodies do not have to decay. They decay because we BELIEVE they can decay, and there is a huge industry built around that decay, supporting this false belief. This is another leg on the stool of belief that we are separate from Him. We are spirit manifesting temporarily in a body. If you are fully aligned in spirit with Him, if you have dropped all false beliefs, your physical body will radiate that and be the same Light body that Jesus carried. Lawrence Doochin
Monday, December 30, 2013
Self Judgment
Nothing is ever accomplished by self judgment. You can't "correct" the situation or change the past by condemning yourself. Self judgment takes you down a negative spiral where you cannot make proper amends and right decisions. If you have hurt someone, beating yourself up does not help them. When you make a mistake and you feel guilty, let the guilt and self judgment go. When you start first with compassion on yourself, you can have compassion on others, and you can stay in that God space where He can give you the answers as to what direction you need to go. How do you have compassion on yourself in this situation? First, know that everyone at some time has self judgment and guilt over experiences they would choose to do differently the next time (many live in a constant state of regret). Second, remember that compassion is the foundation of Love, and you are Love, for you are One with Him. Lawrence Doochin
Perfect Stillness
Think of a deep lake that has wind whipped waves on the surface but is perfectly still at the bottom. This lake is you! As you move through the world and take care of life, it appears from an outside perspective that you are these frenetic waves, but deep within you is perfect stillness that you share with God. Lawrence Doochin
Friday, December 27, 2013
Up To You
God will give you hints or paths to follow for your emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual healing which will bring you closer to Him. But you can't guarantee that you won't have to go through pain to get to His peace and joy. Pain moves quickly through us if we don't resist it. It is the resistance that cause things to get stuck and creates suffering. A big part of healing is releasing control to Him. So can you release control and accept what happens, knowing that there will be a light at the end of the tunnel and that He always has your highest good? This is true faith. Many are in a prison cell of their own making. If you don't have faith in His Love and path for you and you don't take the hints, then you can only look at yourself when your life is not filled with joy. You can't heal the world until you heal yourself, and this means dropping false beliefs you have about yourself, about God, and about your relationship to Him. Lawrence Doochin
Thursday, December 26, 2013
Divine Love
When most people think of love, they think of a romantic love or the love given by parents. Human or ego based love is conditional, relying on expectations and appearances. But anything variable like this is not Love. Divine Love is Truth, which means that there are no exceptions. There is nothing you can do, say, or think which would cause God to stop loving you. Lawrence Doochin
Tuesday, December 24, 2013
Obscuring The True Meaning
When you judge someone, you are placing your perceptions and individual judgments on that person, obscuring the true meaning and understanding of who they truly are. When you judge yourself, you are obscuring the true meaning and understanding of who you truly are. In both cases you are obscuring the recognition of divinity. Lawrence Doochin
Monday, December 23, 2013
To Your Heart
If you are worried about something, move from your head to your heart. Fear comes from your mind, and fear thoughts are not of God. When you move to the language, thoughts, and feelings of your heart, this is where God resides, and fear is not possible. In your heart you live fully in the moment, always knowing the answer, and this dissolves fear, because your fear is always about a "future" what if scenario. Lawrence Doochin
Sunday, December 22, 2013
Release Guilt
Guilt is the largest impediment to remembering our Oneness with God, because when we believed that we fell from Grace, we felt guilty. Guilt serves no purpose in anyone's life, especially not when it is used to make someone or make yourself do a certain action, make an apology, etc. When you release the belief in guilt, you can see very clearly what actions you need to take in any situation. Lawrence Doochin
Saturday, December 21, 2013
Where Does Guilt Come From?
No one can make you feel guilty. They can trigger the guilt that is inside of you, but that is a gift they are giving you so you can heal. Bless them for giving you that gift. Whey do we get angry and feel small when we feel guilty, and why do we tyr to turn the blame on the other person? No one likes to feel guilt because it always reminds us of the "original" guilt that formed when we falsely beleived we had separated from God. So when you feel guilty around somthing minor, like not doing something your spouse asked you to do, this guilt arises from the original guilt. Because it is so hard for us to look at, (it is at a very deep and unconscious level), we get angry and attempt to project this guilt away from us, blaming the other person (or group, nation, etc). We believe that if we faced this guilt, God would see our sins and punish us by the death we believe we deserve. But this is all false, and only by bringing the guilt into the Light can we heal it. Lawrence Doochin
Friday, December 20, 2013
Forgiving Others
How do we forgive others? First, we practice on ourselves. Think of something that you have thought of before and for which you have condemned yourself. After you feel that self judgment, ask for God's help so that the counterpart to that judgment, the forgiveness and Love that is contained within you, can come to the surface. It is in accurate to say that this forgiveness and Love is contained within you --- it is who you are, but it may feel like only a small part of you. Allow that forgiveness and Love to cleanse the judgment --- there is no conquering, as this is not a contest. When we place our focus on what we are, the forgiveness and Love, everything false (the judgment) falls away. Remember, this feeling of forgiveness. Your memory and ability to pull it up again is contained in the feeling, not the thought. The more you work with this and continue to bring it up, the greater the presence will be for you. Eventually, no self judgment will remain. Lawrence Doochin
Thursday, December 19, 2013
Various Expressions Of The Same
You can see the possibility of God expressing through humans, as you see the "higher intelligence" factor. But what about animals? What about animals that mate for life, or an animal that wakes up his owner in a fire? Have you ever looked at a dog closely in the eyes? Consciousness does not prefer one expression to another, because it is All. Lawrence Doochin
Wednesday, December 18, 2013
Worsening The Fear
We do not experience fear in the same way as an animal. If an antelope is being chased by a cheetah, the antelope has a primal or hereditary fear that tells it to run. But it is not thinking while it runs. We have the same hereditary fear in our DNA, but we add many layers to that fear when we give the power of a false mind/ego to continual worry. Do you notice how your fears are always related to the body --- losing your job, losing your house, someone not liking you, growing old, dying --- all are attached to an ego which fears that its "housing" will be destroyed in some way. Lawrence Doochin
Tuesday, December 17, 2013
What is Perfection
You were created by God, who is perfect. Can you not be perfect as well? You do not see yourself as perfect, because you believe that you are separate from Him. But only Oneness exists --- we cannot be separate from Him. You can believe that you are flawed (not perfect), but your belief does not change Truth. What is your definition of perfection? I guarantee is it different than everyone else's defintion. We each think there is something we have to do to reach perfection, but that is based on our unique self judgments. Again, what constitues perfection? Would you describe a piece of art as perfect? Many would describe Jesus as perfect. But he got angry, he may have felt dislike for others at times, he passed gas, etc. --- he was the Divine expressing through a human body with all of the things this entails. What acts, thoughts, or words would constitute not being perfect? A good defintion of perfection might be the absence of self judgment. When self judgment is not present, we fully know our Oneness with God and feel His Presence. So maybe perfection is more a recognition than something we have to say or think or do. Lawrence Doochin
Monday, December 16, 2013
Eyes Of Oneness
If you are seeing everyone and everything as your Self, there can be no judgment present. There is only holiness and gratitude. If judgment is present, that means that you are not seeing through eyes of Oneness, but it is important that you simply recognize this without applying further judgment to it. Lawrence Doochin
Sunday, December 15, 2013
What Does It Take?
What is it that finally turns you away from the anger, the judgment, the control, the resentment, the greed, the fear, the bitterness? IT DOESN'T MAKE YOU HAPPY! Lawrence Doochin
Saturday, December 14, 2013
By Love, Out Of Love
When you do not communicate with God, He is lonely, for you were created as the Beloved for this holy communion with Him. You were created out of Love, by Love, to be Love and to be Loved. When you Love Him and all that is (one and the same), you are your true Self. Lawrence Doochin
Friday, December 13, 2013
Sinful Self Portrait
Is it possible that this sinful self portrait you have created is not true? That this guilt you have assigned to yourself, this belief that He judges you and will punish you, is not true? For this is badly what you desire --- to know that He does not see you the way you see yourself, that He loves His or Her most holy child whom He created? Did God create sin? Of course not! He created only sinless perfection, purity and holiness, as part of Himself, or Herself. Your sinful imaginings and false beliefs, this false world where you see yourself committing these sinful acts --- have never been and will never be true. Lawrence Doochin
Thursday, December 12, 2013
A Circle
We are One. You bless to receive, and you receive to bless. This is the beautiful and holy circle of Creation. Lawrence Doochin
Wednesday, December 11, 2013
By Virtue Of Your Oneness
When Jesus said whoever does not receive the Kingdom of God as a little child cannot enter it, what did he mean? Think about little children --- innocence, non judgment of themselves or others, an intrinsic joy, seeing the world through eyes of wonder and amazement, staying in the moment, enjoying the very simple things like playing pretend games, no worry or fear, loving unconditionally. This is how each of us is born until we are "indoctrinated" by our parents beliefs and fears and those of the world. We learn that we cannot love unconditionally, that we can't trust everyone, that the world is to be feared in some way, that life is not this magical existence --- how very sad for each of us. But life is this magical existence, because behind all the appearance of hate, evil, and greed, lies Love, lies wonder, lies the joy that YOU have and are by virtue of your Oneness with God and the Kingdom that He has given you. For it is only your perceptions and beliefs, your self judgment, that blocks your recognition that He is expressing through and that your joy is His joy. Lawrence Doochin
Tuesday, December 10, 2013
Here Now!
Heaven is not a physical place, just like hell is not a place. These are states of consciousness. That is why the Kingdom of God is here, now! You have never left it. Lawrence Doochin
Monday, December 9, 2013
Apperances Versus Reality
Where He is present, guilt cannot be. Where He is present, self judgment cannot be. Where He is present, fear cannot be. Since He is One and all that exists, guilt, self judgment, and fear cannot exist. They can appear to exist, and the world certainly has this appearance to a great extreme, but Love is truly all there is. Lawrence Doochin
Sunday, December 8, 2013
Don't Be A Victim
Powerlessness comes from acting like a victim. That is the ego's way of getting attention in order to confirm its own identity. But you cannot gain true power, the power that comes with being the Son of God, this way. Do you notice how those who act like a victim continue to add more items or points to their victim persona? Because they are not getting what they truly need, they ratchet up the victimization mode in a futile attempt to gain power that way. The lens of victimization starts for most in childhood, and when they are a child, they are truly a victim if they have been emotionally, physically, or sexually abused. They do not have the ability or the perspective to protect themselves and to see their experience in a different way. But when someone reaches adulthood, they do have the ability to think of their childhood experiences differently and to see from a higher perspective. They have the ability to make a choice. Do they want to remain in hell or not, because seeing yourself as a victim is hell. When you are healing from any negative childhood experience, you will reexperience the victimization and the feelings, the beliefs associated with what happened. But these are all meant to come to the surface, be felt, and be released for good. When you stay in the pain and beliefs associated with your victimization, you have not grown and you have not truly healed. Lawrence Doochin
Saturday, December 7, 2013
Your Experience
We can think about God, argue and debate about Him, do things in His name, create religions and theologies around Him, but these are all perceptions of Him that come from an ego mind. They are all false because they are not based on an experience of Him. Experience is Truth, and experience of Him is all that is Real. Many religions have been created from someone's experience of Him, and these can be markers for you, but they can't substitute for your own experience of Him. That is why Jesus said the Kingdom is within you (and waiting to be discovered!). When you have experienced Him, there is no longer a need to perceive Him, which is what the ego mind tries to do and which leads to debates over who He is, what His Will is (and wars, hatred), etc. Perception sees duality and separation. Experience knows Oneness. Remember, you can't think your way to God. Lawrence Doochin
Friday, December 6, 2013
Revelation comes through experience, not from some book or learning of the world. Lawrence Doochin
Thursday, December 5, 2013
Demand truth, accountability, and personal responsibility from yourself before you demand it from others. You cannot know Him without these being part of who you are. If you are lying to yourself or not taking responsibility for your actions, you are trying to hide this from God. Of course, you cannot hide anything from God, but the part of you that does not honor Truth in all ways believes that it can hide things from Him. Lawrence Doochin
Wednesday, December 4, 2013
Giving to Yourself
To give something you must possess it. Everyone agrees on that. But in the ego's eyes, giving it away means losing it, because it sees separation. True vision tells us that giving it means keeping it and increasing it. That is the law of Creation. God created you through an extension of Himself. When you give something, you are giving to yourself, for we are all One. Lawrence Doochin
Tuesday, December 3, 2013
A Different View
You know that event or experience with that other person that you wish you could go back and change more than anything? What if you knew that this person, that adult or that child, had come to you to be the vehicle for that experience to happen? What if you knew that you had preplanned the experience with that person? Would that change how you look at that experience? Lawrence Doochin
Monday, December 2, 2013
Every Time I Think Of You
The following lyrics from the song by the Babys say it all. "Everytime I think of you, it always turns out good." Everytime you think of Him, it will always turn out good, so why don't you think of Him in every moment? He thinks of you, He is with you in every moment. Lawrence Doochin
Sunday, December 1, 2013
Intent of Service
If you are going to be of service, do it from joy instead of obligation, anger, or need. This is service which is the most effective because you are then a clear vessel through which God can work. Lawrence Doochin