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Daily Light: July 2012

Tuesday, July 31, 2012
Nothing is Wasted
Nothing is ever wasted. If you have a bad experience, God will always take that and create a blessing from it, if you will allow it. In every experience, "bad" or "good," we can always learn something about ourselves and our false beliefs and our relationship with Him, and we can always come to see the Christ in the person with whom we had the experience --- if we will allow for this growth by letting God's Light shine through us. Are you willing to drop the anger, resentment, bitterness, betrayal, etc? Remember, it is always about your peace. Every experience, "good" or "bad," can be used to bring us closer to Him.
Monday, July 30, 2012
Your Own Hell
You are continually given opportunities to forgive both yourself and others. Why do you continue to judge and crucify? What you see as a sin is only a correctable error when the light of God's forgiveness is able to wash over it. Do you realize that by refusing to choose to see it this way, you are condemning --- even if it is someone else you are crucifying --- you are condemning yourself to your own personal hell? Jesus forgave his crucifiers, because he knew that their true selves were not aware of what they were doing. Love looks past. He saw past their body, past their actions, past their words of hatred, to the God within. They could not see their own divinity, but he could.
Saturday, July 28, 2012
Why The Recurrence?
You may have done a lot of work on yourself and you handle most situations and people in a manner which keeps you peaceful. But there may be that one situation, or especially that one person, that you don't handle very well. Stop! Look at your expectations. Look at how you judge or condemn yourself for not being "perfect", not being spiritual enough, not being good enough. Now ask yourself. Why does that person or situation keep occurring in your life?
Friday, July 27, 2012
As You Are
God sees you as you are, not as you think you are.
Thursday, July 26, 2012
We Are One
We are One. You bless to receive, and you receive to bless.
Wednesday, July 25, 2012
By Virtue of Who You Are
We do not have to do anything to earn God's Love. We have His Love just by being His child.
Tuesday, July 24, 2012
Your Best
Don't try to be like anyone else, including Jesus. He doesn't want you to place burdens or expectations on yourself, ones that in your own mind you will probably never live up to, creating continual self judgment. Be the most compassionate and loving Steve or Jane or David you can be. That will differ for each person as each one has unique experiences and different people that come into their lives. But the one thing every person can do is to release self judgment and have great compassion on themselves.
Monday, July 23, 2012
There is no excuse for hatred. Ever. If you are finding some justification to hate an individual or group, you are lying to yourself. And most importantly, you cannot have His peace when you hold this hatred.
Sunday, July 22, 2012
God is revealed through contrast. Because the One has no differences, it is the appearance of differences which gives contrast to the One.
Friday, July 20, 2012
You serve as a piece of the puzzle for the experiences of everyone you encounter, and they serve as a piece for you. Each of us fills many roles, fitting in where we are supposed to go, not going in (not playing our role) until the pieces around us go in. Each of us is completely dependent on others --- no one can reach Heaven alone.
Thursday, July 19, 2012
When you open to God and you give from a place of self-less service, the less you will feel as an individual, and the more you will feel a part of Unity. In this God space, everything that you have defined as "you" --- your fears, your weaknesses, even your overall belief system --- becomes less important and less real to you. These things were specific only to you, as they were created from your belief system. Self-less service helps us to expand our perspective to one where we see the boundaries between each of us fade. It is hard to feel self pity or pride or fear or resentment when we feel Unity instead of individuality.
Wednesday, July 18, 2012
Just like a tree that goes dormant in the winter, or like the cycle of the in and out of your breath, you go through creative cycles. The dormant periods allow your creativity to blossom stronger and more beautifully than previous creative periods.
Tuesday, July 17, 2012
Getting Their Due
When you want someone to get their come uppance or due, you really are saying you want them punished. This is a projection of how you feel about yourself, that you should be punished. Why would you think that you should be punished? Because you believe that you have sinned against God.
Monday, July 16, 2012
His Will Versus Yours
Here's the first thing you have to do if you want to turn your will over to His Will and have Him lead you. You have to want to turn your will over to Him, because He cannot force this. You have to want this more than anything. You can't hold on to some decisions by yourself. Do you wake up in the morning and say "Father (or God), what will you have me do today?" Do you ask Him in each moment, for each choice you make? If you don't ask, how do you expect to get an answer? Maybe you ask and you don't quite hear the answer yet. But you have to ask first! You will increasingly be able to discern His voice versus yours, but you have to practice by asking in every moment, even for the most minor of decisions. This is called holy communion with Him.
Sunday, July 15, 2012
You Don't Like It
You can only transform something you don't like, something you judge yourself for, like a thought or feeling, by fully accepting that it is a part of you NOW. That does not mean it will be a part in the next moment, but you cannot transform anything by pushing it off, trying to run from it, or pretending it is not there. How do you accept it? While you have these thoughts or feelings that you don't like, feel His Presence. When we do that, we acknowledge our unity and wholeness. When you try to push something off, which is impossible, you are believing that you are not whole. Anytime you self judge you believe that you are not whole and that you are separate from God. Bringing God in transforms that which you don't like, because it helps you see from unity instead of self judgment and separation.
Friday, July 13, 2012
Serving Him
Do you realize that when you want to serve God, you don't care if it is on the world stage or working with one person under a bridge? The joy is in serving Him. You don't see any differences, and form doesn't matter.
Thursday, July 12, 2012
You must look past appearances. Appearances are constantly changing. What is Real does not change.
Wednesday, July 11, 2012
Gentleness Versus Harshness
Gentleness comes from feeling God's Presence. Harshness is experienced when His Presence is not felt. When God is not felt, there is always self judgment, which is very harsh. His Presence turns the self judgment into self Love.
Tuesday, July 10, 2012
Your Garden
When we want something to happen, we must ask for it, intend it, and encourage as well as vision it. We are planting a seed, but we don't always know in what location the seed was planted in our garden. For instance, if we need money to open up a new business, there are probably potential sources that immediately come to mind. There are also other sources we are not aware of which God will bring to us, assuming we continue to believe that God will provide a source. Some explorations may lead nowhere, but these are not wasted opportunities. By believing that God will provide this, and by exploring all options, even those that seem unlikely, we are creating the energy to make this happen. It is not our exploration of individual options that will create this. It is our continued energy and our intent which fertilizes the seed to where it can pop its head above ground. You see we do not know which option God will make it happen through --- we do not know where the seed that will manifest is planted in our garden. But by fertilizing all options, we end up fertilizing the one seed that will poke its head above ground.
God's Will
God's Will for you is to Love. By doing that you remember who you are. It cannot get any more simple than that
Monday, July 9, 2012
Through What Eyes?
Through what eyes do you see yourself? Through His eyes, or eyes of falsity? If you perceive yourself through colored glasses of low self worth, high importance versus others, or self pity, you are seeing through falsity. If you see yourself as holy, One with Him and All that is, then you are seeing with eyes of Truth. Self reflection and analysis is the most important thing you can do, for yourself and for the world. How bright a Light do you want to be in the world? If you cover your Light with false perceptions you hold about yourself, you can't help others to know that the Light is also within them.
Are You Helping?
You can't help someone if they don't want to be helped. And if they don't want to be helped, you have done all you can do until they make a different choice. Even if it is a person close to you, you can't be defiant or upset about the non acceptance of your help. You have to let it go, as it is now between that person and God.
Sunday, July 8, 2012
God is Calling
God is calling you, each and every one of you, for there is only one call. It is a call of Love. Do you choose that which is Real, Love, or that which is false, fear? Now is the time to decide; now is the time to remember. For we are in a dream, actually a nightmare, of our own making. The false concepts we have believed in, such as God judges and punishes us, no longer work. That is why you see the world around you descending into chaos, more selfishness, more greed, more untruth. The more we move away from Truth, the more fearful people become, and the more they react to try and calm that fear by more greed, more lies, more selfishness. It is a cycle that cannot and will not last. What do you choose? You now have the capacity to fully remember that God is a God of Love. Love does not judge or punish --- He only loves. He accepts unconditionally. We cannot comprehend what Love really means through an ego mind which self judges. It is impossible. But a part of you, not even a part, the whole of who you are, remembers Truth, remembers who you are outside of this dream. You are being called. What do you choose?
Saturday, July 7, 2012
Witness Your Thoughts
If you witness your thoughts, you will see, even if you are a very loving person or a spiritually advanced person, that sometimes you have a thought related to God being a punishing God. This belief may or may not appear in this form. It may be thoughts related to you are not good enough or severe judgments of others, which are judgments you have about yourself and project out. When we believe we have sinned against God, and this is the central underlying belief in this consciousness, we believe that He will punish us. Inherent to this is the belief that we have separated from Him. When you feel self judgment, this arises because you believe you are separate, even though separation is impossible. We are One with Him always, eternally, since the moment of our Creation.
Friday, July 6, 2012
Even in the Midst ...
Even in the midst of strong grief and pain, allow yourself to laugh. Laughter comes from a knowing that it is not all as it seems, that it will be okay, even in the midst of tragedy. God's joy can be found in every circumstance, regardless of the difficulty. His joy and peace are the tools you need to move through these difficult situations.
Thursday, July 5, 2012
Love Meets ...
Love meets people where they are at. This means loving them as they are. Love doesn't have expectations or judgments. It doesn't try to control or change someone's choices, even if it feels that these choices are wrong. You are Love. Do you meet people where they are at?
Wednesday, July 4, 2012
Are You Willing?
If you want to continue growing in your remembrance of your Oneness with Him, you must be willing to look at everything about yourself. Where are those blocks, those false beliefs? What areas are you trying to "hide" from Him? What do you fear that He will see? You must only be WILLING to look at everything, without exception. Then God can take it from there. But if you are not willing, He cannot bring you closer to Him. Look at your willingness. Where and what do you hold back from Him? What do you resist?
Tuesday, July 3, 2012
Our Thoughts
We have thoughts of which we are aware, and we have thoughts which we are not consciously aware of because they run like a background computer program. Both the conscious thoughts and the hidden ones can move you toward God (thoughts of Love) or away from Him (fear thoughts). Your conscious thoughts may seem to be "okay", but there may be a large dichotomy with the thoughts making up the background program. What is your background program? Is it a virus or is it software that keeps your "system" in prime operating condition? Is it your belief that you are good enough as is because you are one with Him, or is it the opposite?
Live in Truth
This world has become characterized by an absence of Truth. Individuals have turned their face so far away from God, from their Oneness, that they think Truth doesn't matter. Truth is who you are! If you don't live in Truth, you deny who you are. But we can only go so far from the center, individually and collectively, before we snap back like a rubber band. We are approaching that snap back point. It goes farther than telling the Truth to yourself and others, although this is critical. If you don't take personal responsibility for your actions, your words, and even your thoughts, you have no grounding in reality, and this means that you will continue to do more of the same. Your power comes from your living in Truth. Do not give your power to those who don't live in Truth, which is many of the "leaders" of this world. When you live in Truth, more Truth will come to you. Others who live the same way will come into your life, and it will be a God filled life, full of abundance, joy, peace, and His Love.
Monday, July 2, 2012
Right Here, Right Now
Why is that people are told they are going to a better place when they die? This comes from a belief in separation, a belief that there can be a here and there, a belief that God sits on a throne in Heaven. We are One with Him, with each other, and with All that is. There is no here and there, as there is nothing outside of you. The Kingdom of Heaven is within you and is Now. Jesus told us so. Experience Heaven, right here, right now, right where you are at.
It's Logical
This process, this path back to God, is a process of elimination. One by one you see and eliminate that which is false, leaving only that which is Real.
Sunday, July 1, 2012
Making it Happen
Most people spend way too much time trying to figure out and then worrying about the details to make something happen. If you can't yet see how it comes together, it is for good reason. God has it! He is likely still laying the pieces of the puzzle in place. When you try to make it happen on your own, you are not making it happen at all, because you are not affirming that He has it. And your actions in trying to get something done become like pushing on a string. When you worry that it is not happening, you are using your creative power, your gift from God, to affirm that it is NOT happening, and then it will not. What you think and believe is what you get. Your task is to continually feel the joy as if it has already happened, because when you do that, it has truly happened, even if that seed has not yet popped its head above ground. It will. When you feel the joy as if it has happened, you can then be led to what actions you need to take. This is your floating effortlessly on the River of Life versus your fighting the current.