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Thursday, March 15, 2012
Truth Within The Bible
When you read something, you interpret what you read through the filter of your belief system. Your belief system is created by your unique set of experiences, thus everyone has a different belief system and interprets what they read in a different way. Similarly, when you write something, you are writing from this unique belief system. Even if you are restating someone's words or rehashing a story, you might change the tone or accentuate something --- it comes through the filter that is unique to you. The Bible has great seeds of Truth, but you have to take the words and the stories into your Being and your communion with God to understand the meaning. Remember that the Bible was translated from Aramaic to Greek and then to English and was edited by a council of men (and their egos) 300 years after the death of Christ. You are holy, for you are One with Him, and you have all of the answers and the meanings inside of you when you turn to Him. There is no intermediary person you have to go through to reach Him or to understand the truth of who you are.