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Friday, May 18, 2012
Recreating Yourself
Most people would not describe a caterpillar as a beautiful creature, but in God, all things are possible. The caterpillar climbs a tree to go high (raises its God consciousness) before forming a cocoon. To recreate itself, it goes inside itself --- a cocoon gives you a protective barrier to literally recreate yourself. You must do the same to recreate yourself in His image. The change that the caterpillar makes is literally at the DNA level. It becomes a liquid goo before reforming as a butterfly. Then before the butterfly takes flight, it must build strength by breaking out of the cocoon. This is the strength of your Will in wanting to come back to Him. When the butterfly breaks through, it is not only beautiful, but it flies with grace, effortlessly. It flies high and low, showing the bond between Heaven and Earth. It also has active antenna which help it to navigate the world --- it is in the world but not of it. And it brings great pleasure to those who encounter it, just as you bring great pleasure to those who encounter you when you have become a new vessel through which He moves and shines.