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Sunday, July 8, 2012
God is Calling
God is calling you, each and every one of you, for there is only one call. It is a call of Love. Do you choose that which is Real, Love, or that which is false, fear? Now is the time to decide; now is the time to remember. For we are in a dream, actually a nightmare, of our own making. The false concepts we have believed in, such as God judges and punishes us, no longer work. That is why you see the world around you descending into chaos, more selfishness, more greed, more untruth. The more we move away from Truth, the more fearful people become, and the more they react to try and calm that fear by more greed, more lies, more selfishness. It is a cycle that cannot and will not last. What do you choose? You now have the capacity to fully remember that God is a God of Love. Love does not judge or punish --- He only loves. He accepts unconditionally. We cannot comprehend what Love really means through an ego mind which self judges. It is impossible. But a part of you, not even a part, the whole of who you are, remembers Truth, remembers who you are outside of this dream. You are being called. What do you choose?