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Friday, January 11, 2013
Who Are You?
Do you not believe that you can walk the world as a God realized individual like Jesus, the Dalai Lama, Mother Teresa, etc? Jesus told us we would do greater things than he did. To be in the world but not of it is how we are ALL meant to walk the world. You may think that you are not at the level of a God realized person, but this is a false belief --- it is your false beliefs that prevent you fro...m recognizing the Truth of who you already are!

You identify with a "story" you think is you, but it is not who you truly are. It is similar to being a fox and thinking you are a bear. You attach to all of the emotions that arise in you, like anger or guilt, because they are part of your story in which you believe so strongly. Anger arises in God realized individuals, but it quickly passes through them and is given no energy or attachment, because these individuals know that the thoughts/judgments/perceptions/beliefs behind their story are not real. These are from a temporary body in a dream that does not exist, similar to a play you watch on the stage. Don't identify with what is false, and you will be who you are.

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