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Wednesday, July 31, 2013
An Open Heart
When we talk about coming from an open heart, how can we do that and stay there? First, visualize your heart opening like a flower that is announcing itself to the world and is giving a blessing of its beauty and Love to every person that encounters it. This is what you give to the world and to everyone who comes into contact with you when you come from an open heart.

Coming from an open heart means that you acknowledge and express the Unity and divinity that runs through ALL. It is based on respect, non judgment, and compassion. It does not mean that you are not hurt at times by others, but these times are manna, opportunities for you to stay heart centered, to grow from these so that your flower can unfold even further, increasing the blessing you can provide the world and the next person you encounter.

It takes a warrior to live from an open heart when you are hurt, when you want to judge and attack and go back into your protective shell which you falsely believe keeps you safe. We are only safe in Him, and we can only know Him when we live from an open heart.

When the hurt arises, you cannot allow it to turn into a trail of false judgment and recrimination thoughts that justify your closing of your heart. You must immediately go to forgiveness. Only through forgiveness can you heal that person, the world, and most importantly yourself, because as you forgive others, you forgive yourself. 


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