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Thursday, July 4, 2013
Cause and Effect
God is Cause and you are His Effect, His Love Effect. There is no other cause and effect, but if you believe this world to be real, you believe in another cause and effect. You see the events that happen and the people that come into your life as the cause, and you are the effect --- you are subject to the random experiences and people you encounter. You are subject (the effect) to the whims of the dreamer (the cause), but you fail to recognize that you are the dreamer. All that happens to you is by your choices that you make at a spirit level, which is hard for a ego personality mind to grasp when "negative" things happen. What is meant by the world passing away and the Kingdom of God within you? Simply that nothing exists but you and God, that He is the only Cause and you (the One Childship of which we are all a part) are His Effect in Creation.


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