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Monday, August 26, 2013
What you consider to be your tiniest thought has an impact far beyond anything you can imagine. You affect the world with every thought you have. That is why you must be aware of your thoughts. Every thought you have is either Love based or fear based. There is no in between. Because we live in this "dense" material world or dream where manifestation is not instant, we do not make the recognition that our thoughts create our reality, but they instantly have an impact like a stone that creates a ripple in a pond. The more you become aware that you are a cocreator and you think with the Mind of God, the quicker you will be able to manifest, even reaching the point where you manifect instantly as Jesus did. Knowledge of your divinity plus asking in His name plus a recognition that you are part of the whole (which means you would never harm another part of the whole) leads to the "miracles" that Jesus performed. Witnessing your thoughts and redirecting them from fear and hate to Love and compassion is critical.


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