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Wednesday, September 25, 2013
How To Create Abundance
There are many people who have a hard time creating abundance in their life. Abundance encompasses many areas from financial, to career, to healthy relationships, to our Love relationship with God. For these people they have a subconscious (or they are blessed if it has risen to the surface) set of beliefs ranging from they are not deserving to an extreme set where they have very low self worth --- and everything in between. God cannot give abundance if you do not feel you are deserving of it. And it doesn't work that He gives it to you and then you see that you are deserving. You have to FIRST feel deserving. Also, recognize that you may also hold the flip side of believing you are not deserving. You may believe that God is punishing you and intentionally withholding abundance. The only way to create new patterns in your life is to explore and clear these false beliefs you hold. There may be some distress in doing so, but joy and peace --- and God --- exist at the other end of this process. And do you really have a choice if your life is not working now?


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