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Tuesday, December 31, 2013
Light Body
What is the difference between our life span today and those in the Bible who lived to be many hundreds of years old? Why were they able to do that? They did not have medical care. One could say that they did not have all the toxicity in the environment, which is true, but look at the toxicity in our thoughts. We have turned our face away from God, away from His health. There is perfection in the body of God, and because we are One with Him, we share that perfection. Our physical bodies do not have to decay. They decay because we BELIEVE they can decay, and there is a huge industry built around that decay, supporting this false belief. This is another leg on the stool of belief that we are separate from Him. We are spirit manifesting temporarily in a body. If you are fully aligned in spirit with Him, if you have dropped all false beliefs, your physical body will radiate that and be the same Light body that Jesus carried. Lawrence Doochin


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