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Wednesday, November 4, 2015
Don't Suppress ....
How can you let something go if you don't first honor your feelings around it? If someone has done something which brings up anger in you but you try to rationalize that anger by saying you shouldn't feel that way or that it is not spiritual, not of God, you will not get past that energy. You will continue to hold that energetic pattern within you. You have to first "feel your feelings" before you can have peace. That doesn't mean you have to stay with the anger or the hurt indefinitely. Every circumstance is different, and you may need to feel the anger or the hurt once, or you may need to feel it many times, depending on how the deep the issue and how traumatic the experience. Only you will know when you can say to God that you no longer want to feel that emotion and you want to see the situation from a higher perspective. Ultimately, all you want is peace, but peace can't come if you are suppressing emotions that want to come up, be expressed, and be released. Lawrence Doochin


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