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Saturday, April 15, 2017
Seeds of Love
Every kind word you say, every smile you give, is a seed of Love. These seeds grow into mighty oaks whose branches spread over a huge area, providing shelter, shade, and Life for all who encounter them. You never knew that something as simple as a smile could reach so far and create such huge ripples of Love in the body of God. Every act of kindness is recorded in Heaven eternally. That caterpillar you save from getting run over on the road by taking it to a branch may bless you as a butterfly. Love, kindness, and compassion run deep through everything if you only look and desire to do His Will. On this Easter, we look to the Love that Jesus gave us as he truly was a completely clear vessel through which God worked. As One, Jesus and God chose that he would give his "life," not to wipe out "sin" for this is an ego belief, but to wipe out the belief that "sin" or offending God is possible, the belief that something could separate us from God, the belief that sacrifice is possible. His act of Love was to show us that illusion does not exist. So Only by "dying" and "resurrecting" could we see what is Real and what is not. Every act of Love --- Jesus "dying" or your holding words that would hurt another -- is equal in Heaven. Lawrence Doochin


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