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Tuesday, November 7, 2017
Do You Separate Yourself?
How do you identify yourself --- as a human being, child of God? Or do you identify yourself as an American, lawyer, homemaker, Republican/Democrat, etc?

Many say both the former and the latter, but with the latter we need to examine the roles we serve and the groups we identify with. What needs to be examined is how closely you become this role or identify with this group. Because when you are an American or a Democrat, you are also not something else --- you are not a Mexican or a Republican.

Unity does not exclude. God is All. so when we identify ourselves as a child of God or a human being, we are reinforcing Unity. We are living in the highest perspective. Now, you are always going to be from a certain country or fill a certain role, but these can simply be designations, not something that you believe in to separate yourself from others or from God. Because if you believe you are the role you play, you believe that you are separate from God.

Lawrence Doochin
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