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Friday, January 17, 2020
Understand The System
What you believe in, you create. You are what you think, because your thought is that powerful.

God created us as an extension of Himself, Herself, through thought --- a Love thought --- and you have the same ability to create. Your thought, your beliefs, your intentions, create the reality you "see".

If you think the world and others are out to get you, then you will be presented that reality. If you think that Love is the essence of everything, that it is behind all appearances, that is what you will see. The Universe bends to your desire.

Unfortunately, many never see this universal law 101 for what it is. So if they think the world is out to get them, they bring people and experiences into their reality which show them this, and then they believe it, which reinforces their belief, which brings them more of the same, etc. It is like a dog chasing its tail. Not a very good system unless you understand the inherent good and abundance in everything and you take responsibility for your actions and thoughts. Then the system works as God intends and life flows with a beautiful joy and simplicity.

When you understand how it works, and you put out what it is you want --- joy, abundance, kindness, compassion, Love, peace --- then you bring those fruits of the Kingdom to you. Concentrate and be grateful for health, not be worried about disease. Be grateful for financial security, not energizing the worry over being financially strapped. Even if you don't think you have health or financial security, PRETEND as if you do and feel grateful for that. It is not really pretending as it actually changes you at a DNA level and brings to you what you need.

So be very careful what you energize with your thought. Is it fear or Love? Is it judgment or compassion? Is it abundance or lack? What is the difference between these two statements? I see the world as it is? And the world is as I see it?

Lawrence Doochin
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