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Tuesday, February 25, 2020
The Appearance Of Evil ...
The appearance of evil, conflict, attack, and judgment in this world all comes from a belief in separation from God that has been projected out.

We believe that we can "get rid of" our self judgment and hatred by projecting it out and blaming others, but this is not possible. An idea does not leave its Source -- nothing is separate from anything else. Science has proven that only one unified field of energy/consciousness exists.

We don't need to analyze the darkness. We need to recognize the Light within. So we need to pull our projections back in and understand the belief system we hold which is false. By bringing what is false to the Light, we heal it, for darkness is only upheld by the belief in it. Remove the belief, and the darkness goes back into the nothingness from which it was formed (this is the power of our thought as Co-creators with God for He has given us all of the gifts of the Kingdom).

Each of us holds different beliefs and some common beliefs. Each of us grew up in different family and societal situations, and we formed a "story" from our parents, society, religious authorities, etc. These are all a colored lens through which we see the world in a distorted way.

Then, because we are One, we hold a collective belief system, and that is based on the belief that we have separated from God, that we have sinned against Him, that we should be punished. Certainly there are those like Jesus and others who have broken free from this collective unconscious, and this is what God is asking each us to do at this momentous time in this Earth reality.

You can't change the world or anyone else. You can only "change" yourself, and it is not really a change -- it is a recognition of who you are. When enough people have made this recognition, then the appearance of the world will change to fulfill the Kingdom that Jesus initiated.

Lawrence Doochin
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