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Saturday, February 5, 2022
The Source Of Suffering

 Life just is. It doesn’t fight itself. The bees buzz and the flowers bloom and the trees grow to the sky searching for sunlight. The wolves hunt and the worms burrow. They do what they were meant to do and they don’t fight life. 

Why do we humans fight and complicate life? This is the source of our suffering. We recognize the holiness of all that is when we allow life to be what it is and we actively participate in where it wants to take us. 

For instance, if you want to label yourself as transgender or something else, then do it and embrace it. But don’t make your identity where you have to get others to approve of whatever you want to label yourself for you to feel good about it. Remember that labels lead us astray. Why can’t we just label ourselves as a human being with certain preferences? 

Life is meant to be simple and labels complicate it. Technology complicates it. Or pursuits of things outside ourselves to make our identity complicates it. Our non-faith complicates it. Gender equality is fine in the workplace but in other arenas why are we trying to complicate it. Men are stronger. Why is there a problem acknowledging this? Women are generally more heart centered and loving. These are gifts not curses to fight everyone else on. We are meant to come together to use our gifts for all of humanity. Women trying to be like men when society tells them they should instead of recognizing their gifts. Being a mother, either biologically or through adoption, and raising loving, open, and authentic children who can bless the world is a huge gift one can give the world. It is certainly far more important than any achievement in business. 

When we don’t fight life, everything becomes very soft. Life gently cradles us, like a mom cradles a newborn.

Lawrence Doochin

These posts are similar to the over 2600 contained on The Divine Speaks website where God gives YOU the one that you need to hear at that time.

Lawrence is the author of several books on emotional and spiritual healing and spirituality, including the latest: “A Book On Fear: Feeling Safe In A Challenging World” which can be purchased on Amazon at the link below. This is a powerful book for these times that helps us to see where our beliefs come from and how they create fear in us. It includes many simple tools to move out of fear.


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