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Daily Light

Sunday, March 18, 2012
As we grow in our journey of remembrance back to God, our perspective and understanding expands. We move closer to what Truth is, not what we "think" Truth is. Remember, Truth is self evident. If it can be debated, that is not Truth --- that is people's perception of Truth. If we have our face right next to a tree, we think the bark is Truth, but everything changes when we take a few steps back, and it really changes when we are in the sky looking at the whole forest (this is not Truth either, but it is closer to it). Never assume you know or have Truth, because there is always a higher perspective to go to. We have Truth, and we are Truth, but we live in a world of illusion and duality that gives the appearance we are separate and not One with Him. As long as you walk this earth, in this dream, you cannot know the totality of your Being, the ultimate Truth of who you are. He is infinite --- there is always another level of deepening into the Oneness with Him. Recognizing that we do not have ultimate Truth leads us to humility, and ironically, this humility is the opening which allows God to get in and show us a higher perspective.