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Daily Light

Friday, September 7, 2012
His Thoughts
When you begin to have recognition that you are a spiritual being and that you are on a path of remembrance back to God, you realize that your strong intuitions and gut feelings are how He initially communicates with you. As you trust these, they come more often, and you increasingly know with certainty that you need to follow these intuitions. You begin to see a difference between this way of getting info and your thinking mind, which increasingly seems to be like a wild animal that can go in any number of meaningless ways and always has thoughts that are at their core fear based and always in the future or past, never the present moment. You can have some frustration at this point when you have those times when you don't receive that God guidance and your mind is like a spinning top. At these times don't go with the ego or mind thought. You will be provided the guidance you need. Part of learning to differentiate between what He gives you and your unreal thoughts are those periods of waiting and feeling out of sorts. As you continue to progress, a beautiful thing happens. You don't just receive intuition and gut feelings periodically --- you operate in His thoughts a lot of the time. This can best be described as anything unlike the way you have always "thought." There is no fear. There is only certainty and peace. You don't "choose" between thoughts. You are shown what to do, and you do that, knowing this is what is best for you and the whole. This is true obedience. Not an obedience to Him based on fear, but one based on Love.