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Wednesday, August 7, 2013
Craving Simplicity
Do you know how much you crave simplicity? This world is awash in details and things we have to do. It is an information overload mess --- information comes from every source imaginable, covering every topic, with huge numbers of perceptions and opinions. There is even a tremendous and dizzying array of spiritual writers. How do you sort it all out? You don't. When you stretch a rubber band beyond... what it can take, it snaps back. When you move too far away from your center, when you finally say "I can't take the static of the world anymore," you "snap" back. This has nothing to do with the validity of what is written or talked about in the world --- most is of the world but a lot of the sprititual writings speak of Truth. It has to do with the contrast that exists and that you finally recognize between the static of the world, which is worsening as fear increases, and the stillness that is you. For you crave that stillness --- you crave that simplicity. It doesn't get any more simple than you and God and your Love relationship.


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