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Saturday, October 19, 2013
Do You Need To Convince Others?
Do you notice that the more someone wants to convince you of something, the less they believe in it themselves? They want to convince you so they feel better about what they believe. This is why people join groups related to common beliefs. Being part of a group of others makes them think and feel that the belief system is somehow more valid, which it is not. This is how hatred is exacerbated, cults survive, and wars start, because having all these others believing the same thing makes it appear "right." The group falls into a herd mentality, just like a pack of animals. And if someone in the group actually thinks for themselves and challenges the belief system, they are ridiculed (very prominent tool used these days to just dismiss someone who actually has "higher" thinking which challenges that person's beliefs), excommunicated, etc. Don't think this dynamic only happens in cults or similar groups. This happens everywhere in varying degrees --- political parties, social situations, workplaces, etc. Being part of a group and herd mentality takes you farther away from Truth as you have effectively blocked out God by not allowing your beliefs to be examined and to evolve. Truth is known. If you truly know, not believe, then you KNOW, and there is no need to convince others. Lawrence Doochin


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