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Monday, April 17, 2017
Keys To A Successful Venture
What are the keys to creating a successful venture or endeavor? This could be a project, a new business, moving into a new career, etc. First, you must believe that you are deserving of great abundance. So many people believe consciously or unconsciously that God is a punishing God or that He will withhold abundance. God wants to give you the riches of the Kingdom, because you are the Kingdom --- you are His Beloved. Second, be grounded. You can straddle both the spiritual and the practical business world, and those who do that well and employ spiritual practices into the creation and manifestation of their business will be the most successful. Third, work hard. God wants to give us the Kingdom, but it doesn't happen by magic. We are His hands and feet, and we have to set the table so that He can bring the people to dinner. You must throw a lot of mud at the wall --- put a lot of energy into something new --- to have part of it stick. Follow all avenues, all leads, even if you think they will likely be dead ends, as it is not so much the specific vehicle as it is the total energy and love you have for what you are doing. This doesn't mean that you are meant to go full throttle all the time though, as everything moves in waves and God's timing, and you have to be aware of that. Fourth, as mentioned, love, love, love what is you are creating. Your joy and enthusiasm will be like a magnet which draws those who are meant to help you. Fifth, do something that benefits the world. The old paradigm is crumbling, as it was based on greed, and only those creations which benefit the whole will be successful. Finally, be grateful for the idea and opportunity you have been given as well as the fact that you have the gifts to make it happen --- gratitude goes a long way, especially when you encounter obstacles, which you will. Lawrence Doochin These posts are similar to the over 2500 contained on The Divine Speaks website ( where God gives YOU the one that you need to hear at that time. Lawrence is the author of three books on emotional and spiritual healing, including "Thirteen Steps To Move From Victim Consciousness To God Consciousness: Healing Traumatic Experiences Including Sexual, Physical, Emotional, And Mental Abuse."


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