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Thursday, February 27, 2020
What Do You Ask From God?
Jesus was able to perform miracles because he KNEW his Oneness with God, and he KNEW that what he asked for would be granted, as he was asking with pure intent and with the creative power of God.

Most people request something of God from an ego perspective, like becoming rich or famous. These prayers are heard, but an ego prayer is but a faint shadow compared to a heartfelt prayer from your spirit, one based on a surrender of your will and control to God. Also, an ego prayer will not be granted if it interferes with your spirit's higher purpose, which is always a return to Him. 

Someone might pray to win the lottery, but this is a prayer based on a completely false belief that money will make them happy and will be what they need to take care of their problems. Only His Love can bring you true joy, and in Him, there are no problems. This does not mean that you cannot have great financial abundance that you enjoy. It means that these are only fruits of your spiritual relationship with Him, not something which you put before Him nor become attached to.

Lawrence Doochin
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