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Tuesday, February 7, 2023
Compassion And The World

 If you don't like what is happening in the world, don't judge it. For we are One. When you judge something, you are contributing to the illusion that we are separate. And you are judging yourself (for we are One). This is why Jesus said to not judge lest you be judged. 

This is basic Universal law, but the good news is that it works the other way too. All the love you gives comes back to you many times over. It is hard not to judge, as the appearance of the world and people's actions can be appear to be very counter to their divinity. But appearance is the correct word, and our judgment reinforces the appearance. Look behind the appearance to what is Real, to the Divine in yourself, in everyone and everything. Mother Teresa said to see Jesus in everyone. This is the heart of compassion speaking. For when we are seeing through eyes of Oneness, we see from our heart, and we have great compassion on others and ourself. 

Compassion is gentle and forgiving while judgment is punishing and harsh. We can only have compassion on others to the extent we have granted it to ourselves, as we project out what we don't want to feel. So if you are being very judgmental, the first place to look is at self judgment. And then we must feel and apply the compassion and Love of God that is within. The appearance of the world is an amalgam of our individual self judgments. This is why the world appears as separate, everyone out for themselves, everyone blaming others, groups, nations, etc, which is a projection of the guilt many feel individually. So as Jesus said, the Kingdom is within. Your salvation is within. Start with yourself --- your beliefs, your fears, your prejudices, your biases, your conditioning from your childhood. Through what colored lens are you seeing the world and your experiences?

Lawrence Doochin 

These posts are similar to the over 2600 statements on The Divine Speaks website where God gives YOU the one that you need to hear at that time.

Lawrence is the author of several books on emotional and spiritual healing and spirituality, including the latest: “A Book On Fear: Feeling Safe In A Challenging World” which can be purchased on Amazon at the link below. This is a powerful book for these times that helps us to see where our beliefs come from and how they create fear in us. It includes many simple tools to move out of fear.


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