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Monday, April 2, 2012
Are you successful in the world, successful in God, or both? We create through the power of our thought and belief. The more you see, believe, and know that something will happen AS IF it has already happened, even if it has not happened or manifested, the quicker it will manifest. You can use this power for "good" purposes or for "bad" purposes. There are many people who are adept at using this power to be successful in the world but who do not know their Oneness with and do not have God in their heart. Hitler was "successful" and fell into this category. Then you have the opposite end with Jesus, who was "successful" in God. You can be successful as the world measures success and still be successful in God. In fact, if you are successful in God, you can be successful in bringing great abundance to yourself, some attributes of which are measured in wordly terms such as wealth or right use of power.