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Tuesday, March 27, 2012
Separation from God
It is not your actions or your thoughts or your experiences which make you believe you are separate from God. It is your self judgment and guilt around these things which creates the belief in separation. Someone might say that they could then murder or rape someone as long as they don't have self judgment or guilt. But if you had no self judgment or guilt, you would fully know your Oneness, and you would never come from actions or a view that was not Love. You would never hurt someone else as you realize that you would be doing this to yourself. When "evil" is committed, it is done by an individual who has tremendous self judgment, and they believe at some level that they are taking their anger and self judgment and "getting rid of it" by this act. This is false, as you cannot project away anything, for we are not separate, we are One. As God shared Himself to create us, we can only share --- we cannot project it on to a person or group to get rid of it. After the "evil" is committed, the perpetrator has tremendous guilt, even though it may be well hidden from their conscious mind, and this is the case with self judgment.