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Sunday, June 10, 2012
From Victim to Warrior
A victim is always looking to project blame outside themselves. It is never about them, except for their belief that they are being "crapped" upon by individuals, groups, the world, or God. A victim never takes personal responsibility. A spiritual warrior takes responsibility for their actions. Even if they have a bad reaction and hurt someone's feelings, they are not only willing to say they are sorry, they are willing to examine their motives, because they realize that they do not have His peace and joy if they act like a victim. They are willing to move beyond their limited view, even if this involves some pain, as they realize that there is a much broader perspective than the colored glasses they view the world through. When they have a bad reaction, a spiritual warrior asks for God's help in doing it different the next time. They are willing to confront their fear and need to control in order to move closer to Him, and as they do this, they are blessed with miracles of Love and His Grace as they move through the world. They are increasingly able to look past the words and actions of others, to understand the wounding and the reasons they may have spoken these words or done these actions, and to see the God within the other person. To move from a victim persona to one of a spiritual warrior is the greatest miracle that can occur in one's life on this Earth.