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Sunday, August 11, 2013
We Are In Critical Times
It is rare I write a post like this, but many of you are going through a hard time, feeling increased anger, depression, guilt, despondency, etc. I can talk about about God's Kingdom and the Love He has for you, and this is all very true, but it doesn't mean much when you are undergoing trials.

We are in a time when the wheat is being separated from the chaff. God is calling each of us to come to know who we truly are or we will not make it through the coming times. This means that we have to release false beliefs we have about who we are NOT. These false beliefs prevent you from truly knowing and experiencing that He is with you always, that His Kingdom is available to you as it was for Jesus, etc. Most of the people in this world are in a dream of their own making, attached to the world and the false role they play but that they think is their true identity. God is pushing each of us, not to punish us, but because He loves us. Unfortunately, many are resisting and turning to old and very dysfunctional ways of operating in the world in a desperate attempt to avoid looking at their false beliefs and the pain that is behind them. For when we shed false beliefs, especially ones that were created in childhood, there will likely be anger/grief/pain/fear associated with these. This is what people are trying to avoid by turning back to old habits/addictions or starting new ones. The ego is very creative in what it can devise and it is very convincing to you that what it is doing is right.

Because God has turned up the flow of the River, if we resist, we suffer greatly. The current smashes us into the rocks we are trying to hold on to because of our fear. The more we do this, the more God turns it up, because He is trying to get our attention, and this is what we have asked for at a Spirit level. This is why we are each here at this time. For those of you who know Star Trek and the Borg, resistance is truly futile. This is what your destiny is. If you don't follow it and allow the process to happen, you will not be on this planet. If you do allow it to unfold, you will experience the greatest joy, peace, and Love imaginable.

When these feelings come up, you must not run from them. You must embrace them, feel them fully, and be grateful they are coming up to be felt and released, to be turned into true power. For these emotions that you have tried to push (unsuccessfully) into the dark corners of your psyche have zapped a tremendous amount of energy and power from you. And they come out anyways, like water boiling over the sides of a pot, creating dysfunction and inauthentic relationships. Now you will embrace and transform them. You will fully know Him within you and everyone. Resist the urge to turn to destructive behaviors/thoughts, feel what you need to feel, pull Him into these times of grief/anger and ask that His Grace be upon you, and you will move quickly through these trials. You will be carried effortlessly on the River and know that He has you, that your highest good is being done, and that there is a purpose for what you are going through, a Light at the end of the tunnel.

I wish you all the greatest of blessings and grace on your journey.


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