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Saturday, October 5, 2013
Not Punishment
Because individually and collectively we see through eyes of separation instead of Unity, we falsely believe that redemption in this world comes through punishment. Someone is guilty and they are punished and that is how they are redeemed. This goes hand in hand with the false belief that God is a punishing and judgmental God. But that is not how the Kingdom of God operates. God operates with forgiveness. In God's Kingdom there is no guilt --- we are the ones that create the guilt. In the Kingdom an error is committed, not a sin. This is redeemed through an awareness by the perpetrator that they have committed something that they needed to do differently. Awareness and wanting to make changes is the key, and as that person make the awareness, they heal not only themselves but the world. This is the same awareness that brings us back to a recognition that we never left God.


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