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Saturday, March 7, 2020
How You Transform Something
You can only transform something you don't like, something you judge yourself for, like a thought or a feeling, by fully accepting that it is a part of you NOW. That does not mean it will be a part in the next moment, but you cannot transform anything by pushing it off, trying to run from it, or pretending it is not there.

How do you accept it? While you have these thoughts or feelings that you don't like, feel His Presence. When we do that, we acknowledge our unity and wholeness. When you try to push something off, which is impossible, you are believing that you are not whole.

Anytime you self judge, you believe that you are not whole and that you are separate from God. Bringing God in transforms that which you don't like, because it helps you see from unity instead of self judgment and separation.

Lawrence Doochin
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