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Daily Light

Wednesday, April 25, 2012
Everyone You Encounter
There are no accidental meetings. You draw to you everyone you encounter, whether that is a very "minor" passing on the street or a lifelong relationship. All of these encounters have the purpose of helping you to remember who you really are. As you see your Self (for there is only the One), as you see God, this spurs your remembrance. In this dream you have agreed with everyone you encounter to serve this role for them, as they serve this role for you. There is no other purpose than remembrance. You may think there are other purposes, such as interacting with someone to make money, to provide a worldly service, to be your spouse, etc. but those are only appearances. These are only the forms or the vehicles used to interact with that other person so that each of you can remember that you are Love and that you were created by God out of Love. This is true whether another person exhibits love or "anger/hate" at you, because hate, which is the appearance of the absence of Love, can be a form which is equally as good a teacher as its opposite. The form or vehicle has no meaning other than to help you remember. When you see this with true vision, you experience great gratitude and joy, because you realize what is being done for you, and you know that only Unity exists